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There are different websites that permit anybody to earn free bitcoin. On this page we’ve listed the most established & respected Bitcoin faucet websites and what they offer. A faucet is a type of web site that pays small quantities of bitcoins to their users. They’re in a position to do this by displaying advertisements or getting the user to complete certain tasks. This distinctive business model has grown as more people learn about & use cryptocurrency. It’s similar to free bitcoin mining, but without the expensive overhead costs that activity can incur.

Signing up is nice & easy. Once you have an account you can logon to the site and complete different tasks or play games to begin earning some free bitcoins. A lot of our top faucet sides provide enjoyable dice games and special betting events. Explore through every site and see the different ways that you can earn bonus bitcoins and grow your stash.

The great thing about a Bitcoin faucet is the funds are free. Your free bitcoins are dispatched directly to your dedicated account wallet. These web sites are the perfect solution to get started in the cryptocurrency business and slowly build up your coins. Sign up to as many of the Bitcoin faucet websites beneath and you’ll be able to start begin building a free portfolio of bitcoin for yourself.

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FreeBitcoin is probably the most popular bitcoin faucet site within the industry. It receives millions of loyal visitors every month. Their success is due to their simple system that offers a wide array of betting, games and competitions for players to earn free bitcoins.

The sites main faucet works by the customers clicking to roll the dice. Depending on the number rolled an quantity of free bitcoins will be awarded to the users account. This may even be up to $200 worth of Bitcoin. Everyone can access this faucet once per hour. This is a very popular way people accumulate small amounts of crypto currency. Players can then use their funds to play the Multiply game, by choosing a HI or LO number, to start multiplying their stack.

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 also offers a diverse menu of betting options & competitions. Loyal fans can take part in unique lottery style competitions, with prizes as great as a Gold Lamborghini sports car! Different betting events are added regularly, and you can bet on some of the most obscure and random events around, this is great if you love having a wager on some less traditional markets.

FreeBitcoin has a fun collection of favored games like like HI-LO, Multiply, Prop bets and many more. Customers will love the simple & easy to navigate layout of the site. It makes it super easy to signup and start earning free bitcoins today.

FreeBitcoin Features

  • Bitcoin Faucet: Win up to $200 in BTC every hour
  • Multiply your Bitcoins by rolling the dice on HI or LO
  • Jackpots up to 1 Bitcoin
  • Free Bitcoin Lottery
  • Chance to win a Lamborghini super car
  • Your own personal Bitcoin saving account with daily interest
  • 50% commissions from your referrals activities


Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin is another popular free bitcoin faucet site. Users can sign up for free and start earning bitcoins. Their faucet pays up to 5,000 Satoshis (average is 15-20 Satoshis) every 15 minutes! This means you can use the faucet four times an hour, a handy little boost for your crypto bankroll. By using a free bitcoin faucet, you are essentially gaining access to free bitcoin mining. Instead of paying for electricity & running costs, you pay with your time on the website.

This site is able to give out free bitcoins by displaying ads to their users. If you have an ad blocker on, then you may need to disable it to use the Bonus Bitcoin site. Once you’re setup with an account, you have the option to link it to your CoinPot wallet account. This lets all your payments & winnings go directly to your own personal account, where you can either save it, or use it to deposit and play on casinos, dice sites or sportsbooks.

Bonus Bitcoin Features:

  • Free Bitcoin Faucet – Collect up to 5,000 Satoshis every 15 minutes
  • 5% daily bonus on payouts
  • Earn more bitcoins by completing offers & surveys
  • Mupltiply your earnings with the Bonus Bitcoin Dice Games
  • Refer your friends and start earning more crypto


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Cointiply is a fresh & funky site, that definitely looks & feels more appealing to users. The modern dashboard displays everything you need to start earning extra bitcoins. There are numerous ways that users can earn crypto on Cointiply, there’s the option to watch videos and complete offers, surveys and market research for bitcoin rewards directly to your wallet.

The site also has the popular ‘Multiply’ game, allowing players to set the risk/reward and have a roll of the digital dice. Players can win (and lose) bitcoins in the blink of an eye. This fast paced and exhilarating game is favored by crypto bettors around the world.

The free bitcoin faucet on Cointiply offers members the ability to claim up to 200 Satoshis every hour, allowing you to earn free bitcoins instantly. You can also earn free bitcoins for visiting websites.

Cointiply Features:

  • Daily Loyalty Bonuses
  • Earn reward points and cash them in for extra prizes
  • Fast payments direct to wallet of your choice
  • Earn up to 5% interest on your coin balance (when over 35,000)
  • Multiply your bitcoins with unique game
  • Earn 25% of your referrals claims & 10% of their earnings


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