Best Bitcoin Dice Sites

  • Anonymous Registration
  • Licensed In Costa Rica
  • Daily Rewards & Great Bonuses
  • USA Friendly
  • Low 1% House Edge
Daily Bonuses & VIP Loyalty Program
  • Great Selection Of Provably Fair Games
  • Super Low 0.8% House Edge
  • Free Bitcoin Faucet Bonus
  • Diverse Banking Options
Bitcoin Faucet Bonus
  • Established in 2013
  • Anonymous Accounts
  • Up To 12 BTC Profit Per Roll
  • Excellent Sportsbook
Bitcoin Dice Jackpot
  • Anonymous Accounts
  • Provably Fair
  • Low 1% House Edge
  • Instant Deposit & Withdrawals
Up To 25% Rakeback
  • Free Bitcoin Faucet
  • Earn By Investing In Site Bankroll
  • Up To 30% Rakeback From House Edge
  • 1% House Edge
Up To 30% Rakeback

Welcome to Bitcoin Dice. Find the best dice sites to gamble with Bitcoin on. We review established & trusted sites, so players can find programs with the best bonuses, lowest house edge and the best gaming experience. The best dice sites are simple to use and fun to play, they are a great way to try your chance and see if you can get lucky and win.

Online dice games have become more popular with the rise in people using Bitcoin. Players are always searching for a fun & safe way to gamble their crypto and Dice has emerged as one of the leading way players use to attempt to win more Bitcoins. Browse our list below to find the best dice sites to join and play at today.

What is Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice is often referred to as the most pure form of gambling. This simple yet popular game allows players to set the risk & reward and place a wager on rolling a HI or LO number. If the player places a bet for their roll to be LO then they are hoping for a number lower than what the site has set. If the result comes in and it is lower, the player will win his bet and collect his rewards in bitcoins. If the number comes back HI then the player will lose that wager. 

When you decide which site to play dice on, depositing & withdrawing is very easy. Simply send your bitcoins to the your deposit address within your account and your balance will be updated once the transaction has hit the blockchain. Withdrawing is also nice & easy. This can be done from within your account, enter your bitcoin wallet address that you wish to receive your withdrawal to. Once the transaction has processed on the network, your bitcoins will be available in your wallet. If you’re from Africa and like to roll the dice, you can find the best sites at the top online casinos ZA

One of the main reasons Bitcoin Dice is so popular is the fact that this simple game can be played with complete anonymity thanks to bitcoin & the blockchain. This has made it favored in many countries where they tend to be stricter towards gambling. 

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Provably Fair Games

The term ‘Provably Fair’ is quite popular with Bitcoin dice & casino sites. This new style of verifying games is based on an algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness of results. When a player places a bet on a provably fair bitcoin dice site, the operator will publish a method for verifying all the transactions within the game.

This is usually done with open source algorithms for random seed generation & hashing for the random number generator. Essentially this means that all players can see data that shows them the results were truly random and fair. This system is a must for anyone who is serious about playing bitcoin dice online.

Low House Edge

In crypto dice games, the house edge refers to the percentage of funds that are retained by the site. An example, Crypt0-Games has a house edge of 1%. This means that for every $100 wagered, the website receives $1. This goes towards operating costs, promotions & growth for the website. While players can enjoy fun games with better payouts compared to other traditional casinos & gambling methods. 

All dice sites will vary in the house edge that they offer players. We review all our sites & see what their true house edge is, so players can find the best sites to choose for their bitcoin gambling. 

Big Payouts

The amount you can win by playing bitcoin dice can vary from site to site. All sites in our list have a maximum payout, this is to ensure the game operates flawlessly and the site is able to cover bets up to that amount. We have listed the maximum payouts for the dice sites we have reviewed below and listed them in order of highest payout.